OEP 2018: Things to Know

By now, we’ve experienced 4 Open Enrollment Periods since the start of the ACA & Marketplace (Healthcare.gov) in 2013/2014.  With the 5th OEP coming soon, it’s time to start getting ready for OEP 2018.

Probably the most important update for this OEP is the SHORTER window of time we’ll have to apply for new coverage or make changes to existing plans:
Nov. 1 – Dec. 15, 2017
This is your one chance to change plans, update your household income/size, add dependents, etc.  Any changes you make would take effect January 1, 2018.

What we know:

Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about what kinds of plans to expect for the new 2018 plan year–but with a few facts and past experience, we can make some solid predictions:

  • Fact:  Humana will no longer be offering Under 65 Individual Health Plans after 12-31-2017.  (This does NOT apply to Medicare/MedSupp/PDP/RX consumers.)  If you had an ACA-compliant Humana plan in 2017, you’ll need to find a replacement plan for 1-1-2018.
  • Prediction:  Based on past trends, we’re expecting insurance premiums to go up again for 2018.  The rate of increase varies by carrier, and we won’t know more specifics until closer to Nov. 1.
  • Prediction:  The Corpus Christi area will only have 2 carriers offering plans for 2018:  Blue Cross (BCBS) and Christus Health Plan (CHP).  We expect both carriers to continue their pattern of only offering HMO plans and not add any PPO plans.
  • Prediction:  We’re reasonably sure that the US government will continue to issue tax credits for 2018.  Healthcare is a complicated issue, and whatever the House & Senate eventually pass will take time to plan, build, and implement.  In the meantime, we assume that the current ACA setup would continue.  Of course, this is subject to change as the Healthcare debate rolls on in the coming months.

We expect to have 2018 rates closer to Nov. 1st.  Click here for health quotes


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