Turning 65 and becoming eligible for Medicare benefits soon? 

The Medicare milestone marks an important change in your health care options.  In addition to Original Hospital (Part A) and Medical (Part B) coverage, you will need to choose Prescription Drug (Part D) coverage.  You'll also have the option to upgrade your coverage by adding a Med Supplement Plan, which pays most of the services not covered by Parts A&B.  Ready-made packages known as Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) are also available.

Your initial Enrollment Period for Medicare Benefits starts 3 months before your 65th birthday month and ends 3 months after your 65th birthday month.  (For example:  For someone turning 65 in August, their IEP is May 1 thru Nov. 30).  

Annual Open Enrollment for Medicare begins Oct. 15 and ends Dec. 7.  During that period, you can evaluate your current coverage and shop for a plan that may be a better fit your needs & budget.  

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